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aboutThe authors of this page are born and raised in Sikkim India, which is an Indian State situated in the Himalayan Mountains. As natives of Sikkim, we ensure you, our readers, that every content written on this site is truthfully based from our lifestyle experiences in the province. This includes the people, our customs, traditions, economy as well as our tourist attractions that every visitor would want to know.

Being able to travel all corners of Sikkim, we bring to you an in-depth description of what the province is all about. We are the best source of information when it comes to lodging places, touring sites and best eateries. Since our province is rich in culture and beliefs, you will learn about these practices and prejudices to prepare you before setting foot in our region.

We have lived in Sikkim for years and this makes us the experts when it comes to accurate information about the province. We want to ensure that every detail on this page is written according to our real-life experiences. We have seen and relished the best tourist spots in Sikkim therefore, you can certainly rely from our travel tips. Sikkim is not a popular destination in India but if you read the contents of this page, you will have a clear picture of Sikkim is all about and also have a clear picture as to why this place is worth a visit

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