Experience Life Time Epicurean Delight at Sikkim

epicurean_delightAn Indian state land locked between Nepal, China, Bhutan and West Bengal is Sikkim. Though acknowledged as a least populous state and second smallest state, this place is renowned for its tourist marvel. Culture, bio-diversity, scenery, climate are not the only reasons for people choosing this place to vacation but also the gastronomical delicacies that makes Sikkim most popular tourist spot. Some of the best places to eat in Sikkim are listed below along with their signature dishes. With the menu comprising of mouthwatering dishes from North eastern India, China, Nepal and Tibet one can enjoy their stay in Sikkim with a Mission to eat good food.

Cuisines of Sikkim

The journey of good food begins with learning about the varieties available. Being proud hosts of many dishes that are not available in the Indian mainland, Sikkim gourmet platter is rich and tasty with:

  • Momo or dumpling
  • Thukpa or Gyatuk (noodles in soup)
  • Nepali Seal Roti
  • Gundruk (fermented and dried vegetables)
  • Bamboo shoot or Tama

A list of edible paradises in Sikkim includes:

Being adjudged as the best vegetarian food joint, one can find authentic North-Indian food served here. Commendable ambience, affordable price makes this place a hot pick. One can enjoy brilliant service, hygienic foods within short waiting time. Thali meals are the most favorite pick here by recurring customers.

Arthur’s Multi Cuisine Restaurant
A warm place to feast where one can devour Indian, Chinese, Thai, Sikkimese and continental food. This family restaurant has soothing music played at the background with multi-lingual staff. One should not miss their famous dry pork fry or Chicken Momo.

Bakers Café
Bakers Café has the best locale and relaxing ambience. With one side connecting to hustle and bustle of city and other peeping into the mountains, the café always brims with people. Succulent croissants, pizzas, pastries, cookies, baguettes and tangy mock tails melt in mouth. With the food paradise decorated with beautiful artifacts, Bakers café is the most romantic and soothing place for one to enjoy good food and grandeur.

Taste of Tibet
Gangtok’s youth prefer this Tibetian house for good food and local Dansberg beer. Flooded with customers, this place smells of Momo, cold beef salad, noodle soup etc. Located on the top floor, this house of Tibetan morsels is the choice of many localities including students and monks.

Kookay Restaurant
Adjudged the best and clean restaurant, this place is chirpy and cheerful. With the platter rich of Tibetan Delicacies and Chinese staples they challenge one’s palate. Greeted by ever-smiling serving assistants at the entry point, happiness is doubled when one checks the menu options and price chart.

Posh ambience and Glass fronted restaurant serves an awesome spread of multi-national cuisine. Local delicacies like Momo, Gundruk, and pork curry steal the show and the taste remains in mouth forever. The lounge style dining set up felicitates lazy eating and cozy moments between the couple. Private dining compartments add to the privacy of the customer.

Apart from these best places to eat in Sikkim, there are many food courts and joints that one can visit and feast sumptuously. A place where one can never get enough in terms of ambience, food and hospitality is the travel marvel of North East India known as …Sikkim.

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