Experience the Magic of Legian in Bali


Traveling north to Indonesia is always something of an adventure. For a typical Australian, the travel ads that keep flashing onto our television screens are never enough to make us appreciate the beauty of this neighboring country and instead, making a trip there is what would make us fully appreciate the grandeur of this wonderful country. There are many spots to visit in Indonesia and if you happen to have selected Legian, Bali as your preferred destination, then join me as I introduce you to some of the attractions of this great suburban beach.

What to do in Legian

legianthingstodoLegian streets -To begin easy, the very first thing you should do when you land in this area is to take a stroll around the streets and get to know what makes the local people tick. Legian streets are merely a row of shops selling all sorts of stuff. You could stop by and shop for some curio and a couple of other memorabilia.

Get a spa bath – Now, picture your best imagination of a spa and know that whatever you conceive the best spa to be, it is only half of what Legian offers. Get a chance to unwind as you treat yourself to some of the most revitalizing moments in the area’s world-class spas. There are more than 20 spas at your disposal and each offers a unique experience. Some of them include the Santai Spa, the Cocoon Medical Spa, the PIPS, to name but a few.

The Singosari Temple – A trip to the Singosari Temple guarantees two things. First, it disposes you for a spiritual connection with God or your higher power and secondly, it offers an in-depth discovery of the heritage of the Indonesia people. I recommend you retreat here for a moment of meditation and reflection even as you pursue your other endeavors in this area.

Eat and drink out – Even though we are used to the glamorous life of bars and clubs in Australia, the clubs in Legian take this to a whole new level. Consider eating and drinking out in some of these clubs and you will experience the true meaning of nightlife. Again there are many clubs you can choose from, some of these are the Y-Sports Bar, My Bar, Ella n Dut Bar et cetera.

Hiking and camping – You can only experience outdoor life in Legian by going hiking and camping. Through hiking and camping, you will experience the harshness of Mother Nature as you walk around in search of a treasure or any other spot that will be the target of your hiking. Camping sites also offer a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family and go through some unforgettable bonding sessions.

Take some cooking classes – A trip to Legian cannot be complete without sampling some of the areas staple foods such as nasi, lauk-pauk, sayur-mayur et cetera. Better yet, you could take some lessons and learn how to prepare these delicacies on your own.

Nature and wildlife tours – Who said Legian is short of wildlife and beautiful scenery? Rent a car from any of the area’s tour companies and travel around the rolling landscape of this are as you interact with some of the exotic animals found here.

Legian beach – And to top it all, visit Legian beach for some rare memories. While at this beach, you can choose to sit and watch the world go by or you can romp in the warm sands as the majestic waters of the ocean wash under your feet. Whatever you do, do not miss a moment of snorkeling or surfing in these wild waters.


There is indeed no limit to what Legian, Bali offers when it comes to creating memories that last. Book a ticket for the next plane to this area and you will never regret it.

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