This page will provide you with all the needed information about traveling to Sikkim whether a first-time visitor or a previous tourist coming back. As you navigate our site, you will learn about the best tourist spots that can be travelled by foot and by car. What are the things to do in these attractions and on how these places can be reached. Also, you will be learning about the brief history of these sites and on how they came into existence.

As you set foot in the region of Sikkim, the first thing you will need is a place to stay. This site is the best source for lodging information. You will get to know which accommodations provide the best service and rates. In here, you can check what season is best to visit the province and what proper attire should be worn while touring around famous attractions.

Sikkim is rich in customs and traditions therefore, it would be beneficial to learn about the region’s basic practices and way of life. This page will educate you about simple manners and behavior that you can apply while in the province. You will also know Sikkim’s food specialties and best places to spend your meals.

Sikkim is actually not a well-known tourist destination in Asia and in the world. However, this page will tell you why Sikkim is a worthy place to visit. Despite negative connotations about the entire Indian region, we take pride in showcasing what Sikkim has to offer in the world’s tourism industry.

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