Finding the Go-To Quilting Shop Online

Hard to find hobby necessities, like the needles for your sewing machine or special stamps for your collection, can be easily bought and or ordered online. Then it can be delivered to your doorstep in just a few hours! It’s that simple? But, there are some that are pretty hard to find – especially those for quilting projects like high quality batting.


There are a few shops that offer practically all your quilting needs but there are times wherein some items are not available. For those who do this as a job more than just a hobby, it would be hard getting stumped as to where you’d find everything you need. But, there is no need to worry about that anymore. We’ve got great tips for you:

Patterns for quilting

With thousands of aficionados all over the world, all you really need to do is type the words ‘quilting patterns’ on your search engine and you will get results in seconds. Another great source for this – especially unique ones – would be in forums. So, join a lot of those!

Quilting tools

The great thing about quilting tools – shears, pins, thimbles, rotary cutters and such – is that online shops like Amazon and e-Bay would have those already.

Furniture pieces like the sewing table are available in a lot of furniture shops on the internet. Second hand shops will have this too. But, it would be better if you have this made instead so that you can ascertain that your specifications will be done.

When it comes to sewing machines, it’s best that you check out the manufacturer’s websites directly. Aside from the fact that they offer these at a better price (as there is no middle man), you might get lucky and get a better discount.

Quilting fabrics

Most regular textile shops would have some quilting fabrics such as cotton and wool backings as well as fillers. But, if you are looking for a particular type such as bamboo, bonded, and needle punch batting and it is already becoming a huge challenge for you, those forums we suggested you join earlier would be a great help.

Thanks to the internet, practically everything you need and want is just at your fingertips. But do not take that for granted. It is, after all, not easy to find that ‘one stop shop’ for those which you need. Do some research to find not just one but several specialty stores online where you could find all your quilting needs – batting included.

You might not know it but quilting is a relaxing hobby to do, not just for the old ones. If you want to know more about this hobby or need quilting or sewing tools, visit

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