Understanding Better about RSA Certificate Course

One of the requirements to get hired in industries dealing with serving, selling and consuming alcohol is to get on-the-job training and certificate that prove workers have fundamental education and skills in serving, selling and consuming alcohol. All throughout Australia, workers serving alcohol including bar staff,  people serving at catered events, wine stewards and airline staff are mandated to get responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA  Certificate to reduce risks, create safer and more responsible work environment as well.

TrainingRSA course is normally given at classroom environment and by certified trainers. The course may take for 2 or 6 hours depending on the course content and providers. The primary goal of the course is to enhance the fundamental skill of workers-to-be in serving, selling and consuming of alcohol. The training also helps workers to see signs of intoxication, detect underage drinkers and prevent sales of alcohol to minors. Workers especially managers are trained how to effectively intervene to avoid problem situations. Training for RSA Certificate teaches workers to handle refusal situation with great confidence and to see the difference between people enjoying themselves and those who are getting into trouble because of alcohol.

All RSA trainings are attached with a certificate and trainers are required to complete an assessment at the end of the course.  RSA certificate programs vary and are dependent on the venues where alcohol is served, sold or consumed such as in off premises and on premises.

RSA training delivery varies between different states in Australia. Online RSA training as claimed by online providers is said to provide better access to those who live in rural places. As of now, Australian territories like Queensland, Western Australian, Northern and Southern Australia recognize Online RSA courses as long as providers comply with Australian Qualification Framework. This allows workers in New South Wales to apply for RSA training and certificate with RSA online NSW.

However, there is a contentious belief that online RSA training does not deliver the desired results and that trainings done on classroom is still the best way to conduct RSA courses. But, regardless of type of delivery, as long as providers have courses that are generally based on the Duty of Care for managers and staff serving, selling and consuming alcohol and have complied with Australian Qualification Framework, all RSA training and courses are accepted and recognized.  Recognized programs contain all responsible precautions in protecting patron and workers as well. In general, the course teaches how to refuse service and serving alcohol responsibly.

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