Six Pointers in Building a Full Time Career as a Builder or Labourer

The best way to a better life and secured future is to have full skilled employment. Skilled employment is an employment where your expertise or special skills allow you to land the job either on on-going or apprenticeship job or full time or contractual. Special skills include a builder or labourer, technical and management expertise. If you are determined to have a skilled employment as a builder or labourer, here are six pointers to help you land a full time career.

1. Be sure you have the skills required

Being able and sturdy muscles are good qualities but don’t necessarily qualify you for a builder or labourer employment. Recommended are entry skill tests given on apprenticeship jobs and passing will ensure a short-term position.

2. Get skills or trade certification

apprenticeshipMost employers ask for skills or trade certifications. Taking the test will not only certify that you got the skills but also upgrades or measures your skill level. Skills and trade certification also opens doors for full employment for those on apprenticeship jobs or positions.

3. Take special skill courses

It doesn’t mean you have to go back to school but take some time for learning special labour skills like carpentry, electrician, welding, mechanics, equipment operators like forklifts, mason, house painter, etc. There are short construction courses being offered by construction companies or online trade institutions. Availing any will help you get the edge over the other applicants.

4. Practice good trade practices

Getting recommendations from previous employers because you have good trade practices is one of the best ways to beat competition and start a full time career. Make sure you are exercising good trade practices such as promptness, politeness and honesty. It is also a smart move to practice at all times good customer service in promoting your building career.

5. Be professional

Being professional means that you complete task on time, deliver the skills needed, finish the job with expected quality and charge reasonably. Making your employer’s happy with the job and satisfied is another career building approach for a full time career as builder or labourer.

6. Work with “good” company

Being in the industry allows you to work with different types of people. Make sure you work with people of good reputation and on whom you can learn good working practices and trade. Most of the times, employers give bonus qualifications on whom you have work with before so take advantage of it.

Developing yourself a builder or labourer full time career is dependent on qualifications you possess and enriching and improving these qualifications will ensure your ticket to a secured and better future.

Gaining your knowledge and skill is your advantage to land a job, go for

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