The Diminishing Manual Labour Workers

With the way business companies have been progressing, the standards of hiring both manual labour (unskilled) and skilled workers have changed. More and more concerns are now put on hiring unskilled workers particularly for jobs that require pallet racking. The requirements in accepting unskilled workers are less strict because of some factors that have changed during the past few years. There has been a decrease in the number of unskilled workers because of the fact that a lot of them have decided to upgrade their skills by taking up training lessons for skilled workers. But there is still a need for this type of job, however, the problem is that more people are now taking up training courses for skilled jobs and businesses would rather hire skilled workers than unskilled.

jobsThe type of labour jobs that do not require the workers to have special skills is called unskilled jobs. This type of job includes pallet racking work. Aside from the above problems that this level of labour faces, there is also the advancement in technology. With advance technology in place, less manpower is needed. What makes matters worse is that unskilled jobs that need no training now have been elevated to skilled jobs therefore requiring workers to take up specialized training. This is mainly because these jobs are now assisted by computers.

There are only a few jobs in this country that require full unskilled workers to perform these days. The list includes pallet racking, hotel housekeeping, house cleaning, street sweepers, supermarket stacker, farm workers etc. In history, unskilled work is one of the most in demand types of jobs. It covers areas like farming to manufacturing plants. These workers had no trouble looking for a job they needed back then. They need not worry jumping from one job to another even in different fields like from factories to fishing as an example. Obviously skilled workers were paid more. But it was only in the latter part of the last century when the gap widened to what it is now.

Add to this the fact that Human Resources now have been seeking skilled workers over unskilled ones. So those who are applying for a drum lifter job might have to seek and enrol in a training course for this. The reason being is that they will have a higher chance of landing a job and handle drum handling equipment rather than if they go straight. These days, businesses are looking at hiring skilled workers.

Manual labour is diminishing because of the existence of equipments that make work easier and lighter.

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