The Magic of Asia: Top 5 Destinations You Must Visit in 2017

Asia has always been known as a travel spot that offers a healthy dose of adventure, fun and everything in between. The white sandy beaches, lush green hills, incredible nightlife and highly coveted surfing spots will ensure that your vacation is simply unforgettable. As a continent that offers something for everyone, Asian travel culture has proven that it is incomparable to any other. Looking to take a trip that you will never forget? Here are Top 5 Travel destination in Asia 2017 that will guarantee you of nothing less than moments of relaxation and freedom from the hustle and bustle of everyday life:


Bali has always been an Asian destination that makes headlines for all of the right reasons. It represents the most tranquil part of the country that is filled with sandy shores, affordable luxury hotels as well as ancient temples. With so much to see in Bali, it is only expected that a vacation here will leave you ripe for adventure. Bali is a great Travel destination in Asia 2017 simply because it promises the kind of travel experience that you will not get elsewhere.

2.Hong Kong

Make no mistake, Hong Kong is one of a unique tourist destination in Asia. Although it is a massive city that is often underestimated as a serene destination because of its busy lifestyle, the best parts of Hong Kong are defined by lively excursions, outdoor and indoor activities such as mountain climbing and skyscrapers that are readily available for you to explore. Hong Kong is also known for the best theme parks and shopping avenues.


Phuket is Asian’s well-kept secret. If you love nature then the surrounding green hills will definitely soothe you. The kind of wide beaches that are readily available for your enjoyment are something that only a few other continents in the world can rival. Phuket favors even those on a tight budget, providing affordable accommodation places like Kamala while those who love to splurge on vacation can make the most of Bay Tao.

4. Kathmandu

Nature lovers will get a kick out of Kathmandu. As one of the most outdoorsy travel destinations in Asia, the region is characterized by Himalaya Mountains, an endless number of hike trails, camps and ancient temples to explore. Kathmandu is a well-known UNESCO world heritage site.

5.Siem Reap

While Siem Reap is a fast growing city, chances are, you will tour this destination for what lies nearby. If you are a history lover, the ancient temples, and archaeological parks will ensure that you make lasting memories of your vacation. The region is known for its great historical value, as such, you will have an unforgettable adventure here.

Whether you decide to visit the east or west of Asia, there is so much to discover. These Top 5 Travel destination in Asia 2017 have always been captivating travelers for centuries and continue to enchant to this day. The country has it all! Plan a trip to Asia and get the first-hand experience of pleasure and adventure all rolled up in one.

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