Travel Tip to Sikkim India

Sikkim is just a small province located in India and it is known to have the least population. It is a quiet region where you can see monks and natives roaming around the downtown area as well as the suburbs. Life in Sikkim is ideally simple and laid-back. You shouldn’t expect for fancy five star hotels and luxurious commercial establishments. If there is one important aspect that you need to know about Sikkim, that is its being ‘no-smoking’ state. Whether you are in the downtown area or lodging place, make sure that you comply with policies about smoking areas. It would be a great hassle and shame if you will be caught and charged for this misconduct.

While in Sikkim, it is important to always travel with a guide, particularly a person who speaks your language. Anywhere in India is a specific language spoken by the locals. The ability to speak the language is an advantage however, this is not always the case. If you are a first time traveler in this new region, communication is essential so that problems of getting lost and direction confusion are eliminated. Traveling with a guide facilitates better communication especially when traveling distant places.

It is important to note that Sikkim practices an anti-pollution policy in the entire region. Therefore, dispose your garbage properly in designated places. It is essential to dress modestly especially that India is very particular with this aspect. Before leaving monasteries and shrines, it is customary to drop a donation in provided spots and this has to be done in a clockwise direction. When visiting monasteries and sacred places, it is required to be quiet at all times. Should you need to talk, always remember to speak softly. Behave decently in these places and avoid littering.

In respect to the region’s culture and traditions, it is necessary to ask permission from the locals first before taking photographs. This is to ensure that you are practicing the right behavior in public places.

While in museums and tourist spots, always read instructions regarding entry and exits. This is to initiate discipline among tourists and at the same time conform to the proper flow of traffic. When visiting nature spots and encountering wildlife creatures, it is important that you do not disturb their habitat. You are not allowed to feed the animals unless permission is given by the site owner. Never pluck flowers and plants from gardens and as this is perceived as rude and being bad mannered.

As a rule of thumb, always ask from your tour guide for anything that concerns your travel itinerary

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