Discover the nature in Sikkim, India

Sikkim is a mountainous sight famous for its sikkimese cuisine and found in North-East India. To reach the state of Sikkim, there are 2 nearest railheads, the New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri. They are also the base when going to Darjeeling. The nearest airport in the area is found at Bagdogra which is about 120km from Gangtok. Once you are at Bagdogra or at the 2 railheads, you can hire a car to get you to Gangtok. If you plan to travel to Sikkim, you should be aware that the tourism comprises of steep hills and valleys. This therefore means that smaller and more maneuverable vehicles are preferred during travelling. There are numerous tourist jeeps available that can take you cross this tiny but scenic province.

The province is habits a wide range of flora and fauna. It can only be described as a true ecological paradise due to its vast coverage and unique location. The official state tree is the Rhododendron which has a distinctive purple flower. The stunning variety of flora in the state ranging from the high Alpine species to the sub-tropical ones. Orchids are the major attraction. Many fruit bearing trees also abound here like the banana, fig, Sal and bamboo trees which are found at the southern border of Sikkim and West Bengal. Further up the area, you will come across an abundance of magnolias chestnuts, maples, alders, oaks and birches. If you move further up to the Himalayas, you will find yourself in the coniferous zone comprising of cypress, pine, juniper, fire and the rhododendron. Apart from the flora, the province has a rich variety of animals. They include: the red panda, the Himalayan Panda, the Himalayan black bear, the bestow leopard, the yaks, the Tibetan wolf, and the Civet cat.

The highest point in Sikkim is the Kanchenjunga which is snowbound throughout the year. You can view this spectacular sight from all parts of the state including Gangtok. The Tsongmo Lake is found in the upper parts of the Himalayas on your way to Nathu La Pass. It is usually a white sheet when frozen. When the thaw sets in during the summer months, boating can take place. When you travel to Sikkim you can sample a range of delicacies from North India to the local Sikkimese cuisines. The fried Momos are a favorite. They are simply dumplings made with a filling of minced meat. The steamed variety is however the more traditional version of the snack. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry, vegetarian versions are also made.

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